When do I have to lodge my Tax Return by?

If lodging your Tax Return with an accountant, you have until May the following year. However, if you choose to lodge your own Tax Return, the deadline is 31st October of the same year.

Do I need to keep all of my receipts once my tax is done?

Yes, you need to keep all of your receipts 5 year from the date you lodged your Tax Return.

I have lodged my Tax Return, but I still haven’t received my refund after 14 days?

If you ┬ástill haven’t received your Tax Refund and it has been more than 14 working days, please check the account details and address that you provided. If they are correct, the ATO may have a delay in processing your Tax Return. To find out you can call our office so we can follow it up with the ATO for you.

I don’t work, do I need to lodge a Tax Return?

It depends on your reason for not working whether or not you need to lodge a Tax Return. You are best to notify the ATO as they will contact your Accountant if you have not done so.

What happens if I don’t lodge a Tax Return or BAS?

It is advised that you lodge your Tax Return on time as the ATO do issue penalties for those who lodge their Tax Return late or not at all.

I have received a letter from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and I don’t know what to do?

If you receive anything from the ATO, please do not ignore it. You will need to contact either our office or respond directly to the ATO, as it is easier to sort our problems earlier rather than later.

What is the amount I can claim for donations on my Tax Return?

There is no limit on how much you claim for on donations as long as you have receipts.

My pension payments have changed and I don’t know why?

If your pension payments have changed, you need to contact Centrelink directly to discuss this.

Can I claim for the courses I paid for this year whilst still working?

You can claim for self education expense as long as it relates to helping you in your present job and not for new job opportunities.

Can I claim all the tools I bought for work this year?

There is no limit on the amount of tools you purchase for work each year, however they must be work related and all receipts must be kept.

Do I need to supply a username and password for my MYOB file?

Yes, we require a username and password to access your MYOB data. This is the same with any program that requires a username and password.

*If you have any further questions, please contact our office*